A passionate, goal driven, always-eager-to-learn professional. Somewhat artistic and always seeing things in a broader holistic view. Not just always taking things for what they are and always wanting to improve and scale. An open mind and creative attitude, always pushing to bring the best out of myself and others.

Licenses & Certificates

"Information Is Power". A fast changing world requires continuous learning. I keep up with latest trends and skills such as Digital Communication, CyberSecurity and A.I. (Google & Social Media Advertising, Cisco, Agoria, Hubspot Academy etc)

Agoria Certification - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Business 

Certified by Agoria

Cisco Certification - Cybersecurity

Essentials in CyberSecurity

Cisco Certified 2020-2021 

Google Certification - Analtyics - Tag Manager - Digital Marketing

Analytics & Digital Marketing

Certified by Google

Facebook Certification - Social Media Advertising Advanced

Social Media Advertising Advanced

Certified by Facebook

Hubspot Academay Certification - Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing 

Hubspot Academy Certified

Hubspot Academy Certification - Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Hubspot Academy Certified

Hubspot Academy Certification - Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Hubspot Academy Certified

Hubspot Academy Certification - Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Hubspot Academy Certified


2004 - 2007

Artevelde University College

PBA Communications, Public Relations

Heilig Hart College (high school)

Economie-Moderne Talen

1992 - 1998

Quotes that inspire me:

"The World Fascinates Me" - Andy Warhol

"To Hell With Curcumstances, I create Opportunities" - Bruce Lee

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